Busy laboratories often experience a caseload bottleneck, with stacks of slides and cases waiting for analysis by qualified Cytogeneticists. Meanwhile, the valuable time of the geneticist is being spent in the wet lab, harvesting tube after tube of blood and bone marrow samples. With this in mind, Genial Genetics has designed the award winning MultiPrep CellSprint Suspension Metaphase Harvester designed to automate and streamline the processing of suspension cultures. Benefits of implementing a suspension metaphase harvester include not only streamlining the workflow within the laboratory, but also improving harvest consistency and preventing repetitive motion injuries.

Our revolutionary Suspension Metaphase Harvester provides laboratories with a valuable tool for true walk away suspension culture harvesting; laboratories can now process samples from the addition of hypotonic to final fixative within the CellSprint suspension metaphase harvester. The CellSprint is uniquely designed with health and safety in mind, the suspension cultures are processed in an enclosed centrifuge bucket, ensuring proper precautions with hazardous aerosols and other bio hazardous materials.

The CellSprint suspension metaphase harvester offers the laboratory a fully automated harvest, by processing the suspension cultures derived from bone marrow cultures or blood cultures through from centrifugation, aspiration, addition of reagents and also provides in line fixative mixing, providing fresh fixative for each suspension metaphase harvest. The system ensures that no cross contamination occurs between samples, and provides a method for streamlining workflow in the laboratory processing 48 tubes in a consistent, reproducible manner improving sample consistency for subsequent analysis.

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