Laboratories utilising automated Metaphase Finding techniques can also benefit from improved results and consistency by implementing an automated harvesting system such as the MultiPrep Genie for in-situ cultures or the MultiPrep CellSprint for Suspension culture harvesting. Introducing an automated system to standardise harvests allows the laboratory to measure and standardise the quality of the chromosome preparation for drying and subsequent banding stages of the harvest. This allows the lab to achieve more consistent results, which will in turn create consistency with any metaphase finding system the laboratory chooses to use.

Additionally, utilising automated technology allows laboratories to programme additional fixative cycles into the system thereby reducing debris and cytoplasm which can cause issues with some Metaphase Finding systems. Clean metaphase spreads, with little cytoplasm and debris are produced by using the MultiPrep Genie and MultiPrep Cell Sprint thereby improving the metaphase recognition within a metaphase finding system.

Introducing automation into the laboratory not only increases employee job satisfaction, it also decreases turn around time and increases productivity. Lab technologists can spend their time on analysis of cells as opposed to the harvest. Additionally, by using metaphase finding technology in line with automated harvesters, technologists can focus on the most difficult aspect of the job- cell analysis.

Injuries such as RSI and carpel tunnel syndrome are also decreased through use of the automated cell harvesting systems such as the MultiPrep; additionally by allowing a metaphase finding system to scan slides for metaphases, the challenges of being sat at a microscope for 8 hours a day is also alleviated for most technicians; they can more comfortably analyse cells from the computer screen in front of them, consulting the slides under the scope for any questionable cells.

Please visit our automation page to find out how your lab can benefit from the user of automated systems such as the MultiPrep Genie and MultiPrep CellSprint, systems which contribute to quality metaphase finding results.

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