Cytogenetics Laboratories face many challenges throughout the sample processing workflow. Standardising the harvest process with a Metaphase Chromosome Harvester allows the laboratory to reproduce results with less operator variability. In addition, subsequent processes, including drying, slide ageing and banding become standardised as there is less preparation variability from specimen to specimen from samples processed within the Metaphase Chromosome Harvester.

Subsequent Metaphase capture on the laboratory imaging systems is also improved, as the MultiPrep line of Metaphase Chromosome Harvesters produce cleaner spreads with less cytoplasm and debris. This allows automated Metaphase finders to more easily identify and capture quality metaphases. Changes in protocol, such as an extra fixative step are also easily accommodated within the MultiPrep Metaphase Chromosome Harvester. By allowing experienced technologists to spend more time on analysis and less time on sample processing, laboratories can streamline their processes and the analysis bottleneck is alleviated as there are more Cytogeneticists free to perform analysis.

Our innovative In-Situ Metaphase Chromosome Harvester, the MultiPrep Genie 205 is quickly becoming the industry standard in In-Situ harvesting. Widely adopted by laboratories in North America and Europe, the MultiPrep Genie allows processing of 65 samples concurrently on 5 levels. This multi-level processing is a unique feature in our line of Metaphase Chromosome Harvesters. It decreases the overall harvest time as well as decreasing the overall time difference from sample to sample on the harvest, thereby reducing variability between samples. Our unique Suspension Culture Metaphase Chromosome Harvester, MultiPrep CellSprint also takes advantage of the multi-level processing feature. CellSprint processes 48 samples in a true walk away system: aspiration, reagent dispensing and centrifugation steps are all fully managed on the system. The advantages to an automated Metaphase Chromosome Harvester are endless, please visit our products page to find out more about the award winning MultiPrep Product Line, or request a demonstration of the system through our Contact form.

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