Integration between healthcare applications is a requirement for more and more specialist departments in today’s busy hospitals and labs around the world. Integration between applications improves patient care whilst saving time and money, allowing clerical staff to focus on other important duties within the healthcare organisation while also preventing errors in the duplication of data entry. HL7 or Health Level 7 is a set of standards for communication or integration between applications within the healthcare industry. The HL7 message format was created by a group of health care and IT specialists to more efficiently manage the exchange of health care information such as patient demographics, test orders and test results between specialist systems and the patient’s comprehensive electronic medical record. Our mWare integration engine manages communication between central Electronic Medical records and specialist departmental applications.

mWare has been deployed in many busy hospitals and laboratories in North America, creating seamless HL7 messaging to and from the Shire database and provides a flexible tool for managing communication between EMRs, hospital systems and any application which processes patients, test orders, test results/ reports and billing information for patients. mWare HL7 Interfaces can be deployed in v2.4 and upwards with our flexible plug in architecture. Standard HL7 interfaces can also be configured to have additional actions completed using our mWare action plug in. Messages can be sent to relevant parties when results have been sent to the EMR, for example. The mWare integration engine has taken HL7 Interfaces to the next level, making them functional and reliable with a complete message history.

The HL7 Interface can also me monitored through the mWare application, with complete history records available for each message set passed on the day. Please contact us for more information on the mWare application and deployment of HL7 interfaces in your healthcare organisation.

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