Our unique mWare HL7 integration engine provides a bespoke solution to your health care organisation, allowing systems such as the EMR/ Hospital PAS to efficiently send and receive information from departmental systems, such as the Shire Genetics system to the hospital system.

Our interface engine is a highly efficient HL7 message brokering system, allowing HL7 integration across multiple health information systems. ADT/ ORM/ ORU feeds can be sent from the hospital system and received into the departmental health information systems. This HL7 integration helps departments and health care organisations become compliant through national initiatives such as CfH or compliance towards HIPAA.

There is an increasing demand for EMRs and departmental systems to speak HL7 to one another to move towards complete HL7 integration. Requirements for the structure of patient data such as demographics, test order, results and billing information are becoming increasingly rigid, with HL7 becoming the absolute standard for this communication. Our mWare integration facilitates this requirement by allowing flexible integration and communication between systems, while still adhering to the HL7 messaging standards.

Additionally, HL7 integration between systems can save your institution time and money annually, allowing staff allocated to clerical work to be reallocated to testing and reporting, thereby increasing productivity across the institution by simply ensuring data entry is not duplicated, eliminating clerical errors and posting results to the patients EMR in an automated and timely manner.

Please visit our mWare Integration product page for more information, or contact us to discuss your HL7 integration requirements. Start planning your HL7 integration today!

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