Our mWare HL7 integration software allows laboratory applications to integrate seamlessly with enterprise level hospital wide EMRs. The mWare application is a flexible HL7 integration software package allowing ADT or patient demographics feeds to be seamlessly sent to departmental applications such as the Shire system.

This prevents duplication of data entry and allows laboratories and hospitals to streamline data entry processes and allocate resource to important testing and result reporting tasks. It is important to get accurate data to departmental systems quickly so that patient testing can be initiated immediately. Results and reports returning to the hospital system should also be posted rapidly, ensuring the patient gets their results as soon as they are available; it can make a difference to their treatment and also helps them make important decisions over the outcome of a pregnancy.

It is important to deploy a robust, reliable HL7 Integration software package that is easy to use and monitor. Users can track message history, volumes and any errors in message delivery with ease using our mWare HL7 integration software. The mWare HL7 integration engine allows labs to comply with national initiatives and also meets evolving demands for an integrated and comprehensive health care record.

Departments that depend on one other for information across the organization can now communicate more effectively through deployment of HL7 integration software. This in turn makes the organization more effective and efficient, cutting costs and preventing error introduced by duplicating data entry.

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