iGene makes genetic sample tracking fast and easy, allowing the user to see when samples have been received, logging all previous samples and allowing access to previous sample results throughout the software. The system logs molecular genetic samples (DNA) and cytogenetic samples for patients and allows you to shortcut to either module directly from the patient demographics screen simplifying genetic sample tracking.

Previously, lab directors and staff have to search through many patient records to find previous samples and previous results for patients and families. iGene links related samples for twins, FISH and oncology cases as well as links families so that all family results can be reported at the same time. This dramatically simplifies genetic sample tracking and allows you to have the most data possible for reporting. iGene was developed with the knowledge of the complex relationships that genetic patients, their families, and their previous samples have with one another.

The FISH results section allows a shortcut to the source sample record so that results can be quickly tracked and confirmed. There is also a link to all previous samples, their referral reasons, and their current status both for DNA and Cytogenetics. Previous results can also be printed on analysis sheets so that the geneticist analysing the case has all the information they need to help them detect subtle abnormalities or confirm anomalies in an oncology case.

Additional fields can also be added to the software so that sample exports to external labs can be managed and tracked. The Shire software has a complete sample export section, allowing the user to record where the sample was sent, the date sent, courier details and also manages label printing. This allows the lab to have a complete record of all incoming and outgoing samples for auditing and reporting, simplifying the genetic sample tracking process.

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