Cytogenetics Laboratory Automation

Modern laboratories are constantly under pressure to decrease turnaround times, not only to improve competitiveness, but as amniotic fluid samples cannot be obtained until (optimally) 16 weeks gestation, laboratories are required to provide the patient with as early a result as possible. In situ coverslip harvesting permits harvesting to take place much earlier than with suspension methodology. Coverslip harvesting has the added benefit of ruling out maternal cell contamination as the technician analyses metaphases from different colonies as part of the coverslip harvesting procedure. Additionally, coverslip analysis also allows technicians to rule out Cultural artifacts or pseudomosaicism based on the number of colonies an aberration is seen in.

MultiPrep Genie is specifically designed for cytogeneticists carrying out in situ coverslip harvesting and offers true “walk away” robotic harvesting, not only improving productivity and permitting faster turn around times, but freeing time for the technicians to perform skilled tasks such as chromosome analysis.

In addition, studies have shown that slides prepared using the robotic harvesting show an improved consistency and indeed an overall improvement in quality over manual coverslip harvesting methods.

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