Cytogenetics Harvesting Procedures

Our line of MultiPrep harvesters, including the MultiPrep Genie and MultiPrep CellSprint come with a range of optimised Cytogenetics Harvesting Procedures pre-programmed in for immediate use in your laboratory. Laboratories can also elect to use their own cytogenetics harvesting procedures on the system; these can be easily programmed into the system and deployed for validation immediately.

Variable amounts of fixative can be used as well as variable lengths of time for hypotonic exposure; prefix and fixative steps; additional fixative cycles can also be added to the cytogenetics harvesting procedure ensuring that cytoplasm is removed from more difficult tissue types, thus enhancing the quality of the final preparation.

Any laboratory experiencing low mitotic index or poor metaphase quality should take a detailed look at their cytogenetics harvesting procedures as well as their culturing procedures. By adopting an automated cytogenetics harvesting procedures, the individual steps in the harvest can be reproduced time and again therefore improving consistency and eliminating the individual difference that inevitably arise from tech to tech. This allows laboratories to establish a benchmark for quality and also to standardise metaphase drying and spreading as well as banding.

GGS employs trained cytogeneticists with experience in troubleshooting and optimising cytogenetics harvesting procedures; these procedures can then be deployed within the automated harvester as one of several protocol options. If your lab is experiencing quality issues, please visit our automation pages and request a demonstration of the MultiPrep systems. The long term benefits of improving cytogenetics harvesting procedures and thus the overall quality of analysable material can lead to improved output, allowing more efficient analysis and therefore improved diagnosis. Additionally, through use of automated cytogenetics harvesting procedures, laboratories can free up skilled technicians so that they have more time to spend on cytogenetic analysis.

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