Cytogenetic Harvest Protocols

GGS provides the CellSprint and MultiPrep ready with cytogenetic harvest protocols programmed in. At the time of implementation, laboratory specific protocols can be programmed, tested and implemented. This allows the laboratory to have several protocols available for all situations, including increased cytoplasm or poor growth cultures. These harvest protocols can be altered to provide a high level of system flexibility. The automated harvesters begin the culture processing phase at the time of media aspiration, after the Colcemid/ Colchicine has been added to the cultures.

The system can dispense warmed or room temperature hypotonic. This can be done gradually, drop by drop in a controlled environment which is less disturbing to the attached cultures than a hand harvest. The suspension cultures are re-suspended by an alternating dispense jet of liquid of hypotonic then fix. The pre fix stage(s) can be customised so that several gradual prefixes can be done as well. Because there are several cultures being processed at a time, the user can increase the complexity of the harvest process so that several more steps can be added without compromising the time spent on the harvest. Several fix phases can be added to the harvest to ensure all remaining lysed blood cells and debris are removed and also to clear excess cytoplasm. Several Cytogenetic harvest protocols can be programmed into the system simultaneously so that the CellSprint can manage several blood protocols separate from bone marrow protocols. As well, the MultiPrep can manage complex attached culture harvests, so that POC harvest protocols can be separated from amniocyte protocols.

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