Automatic Metaphase Harvesting

Automatic metaphase harvesting is a technique that may be applied all common sample types that are cultured for subsequent cytogenetic analysis.

Typically, automatic metaphase harvesting may offer several attractions to a typical cytogenetics laboratory, where the deployment of workforce resource is a compromise between tasks of necessity such as sample processing, including set up, culturing and harvesting and skilled “added value” analysis.

Automatic metaphase harvesting streamlines laboratory workflow and also allows for a significant cost savings within the laboratory:

  1. Significantly reduced operator involvement in harvesting protocols. Automated metaphase harvesting removes the majority of manual input into this task.
  2. Redeployment of skilled labour into the analysis phase, enhancing quality of analysis and reducing case turnaround timesReduced laboratory footprint required per work unit performed, delivering significant cost savings to the laboratory
  3. Reduced reagent usage – typically reagents are utilised through automated and extremely accurate dosimetry in automated metaphase harvesting routines
  4. Enhanced QC of output – typically automated metaphase harvesting will support standardisation of protocols that if performed manually will inevitably vary between samples and operators, this variance generally leading to lower-than-attainable output quality and more difficult or laborious subsequent banding and analysis

Automated metaphase harvesting is a core philosophy embodied in Genial Genetics’ MultiPrep product lines, all of which are award-winning. The MultiPrep Genie range performs high throughput automated metaphase harvesting on in-situ (typically prenatal) cytogenetic cultures and the MultiPrep CellSprint range performs high throughput metaphase harvesting on cytogenetic suspension cultures.

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