Automated Cytogenetics Systems

The importance of using Automated Cytogenetics Systems has been apparent for many years in large throughput laboratories, but in more recent times the competitive prices and previously unforeseen advantages of automation have resulted in smaller laboratories taking a look at the latest technological advances.

If you have previously felt that you cannot justify the introduction of automated cytogenetic systems in your laboratory, the MultiPrep Genie for in situ harvesting and MultiPrep Cell Sprint for suspension harvesting will improve both your productivity and your overall quality.

The current shortage of cytogenetic technologist skill sets allows a straight forward business case to be made for the introduction of automated cytogenetic systems in the bigger laboratories, but it is not always recognised that such systems can also improve consistency and quality of results and reduce the costs of reagents making them attractive too, for smaller laboratories. If you are performing over 1000 cases per year, we believe you can justify the purchase of an automated cytogenetic system.

Genial Genetics’ Automated Cytogenetic systems have been developed by Cytogeneticists for Cytogeneticists. For further information on either the MultiPrep Genie Automated Metaphase Harvester (for in situ/surface culture automated metaphase harvester tasks) or the MultiPrep CellSprint Automated Metaphase Harvester (for suspension culture automated metaphase harvester tasks) please follow the link on this page.

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