iGene is an invaluable tool for Clinical Genetics Departments, providing clinicians with a bespoke genetics management system which has been designed within a fully HL7 compliant framework permitting complete integration to your HIS.

iGene’s clinical functionality includes:

  • Episode of Care tracking (referral through to diagnosis)
  • Support multiple calendars, multiple sites and outreach clinics
  • Ability to attach case notes, scanned documents & medical images, hyperlinks, PDF, Word and Excel documents, all patient records can be stored electronically in one easy to reference location, eliminating the need for paper charts.
  • Full task management system to help create automated reminders for critical events
  • Ability to generate your own reports without the need to understand SQL
  • Users can create their own quick search criteria and save them for later use
  • Can customise navigation system so user only sees what they need to view. Helps reduce training times.
  • Granular permission system ensures only users with appropriate credentials can see secure data. Ability to lock attachments/events so specific data can be secured within a record
  • Unlimited patient contact records, patient identifiers, pedigree numbers etc.
  • Detailed pregnancy records with support for assisted pregnancies, foetus tracking
  • Unique record linking engine allows any record to be linked to any other record on the system – related pedigrees, testing records and research cases can all be linked, providing a flexible and secure method for retrieving related data.
  • Secure PDF generation with encrypted, password protected document generation from anywhere within iGene
  • HIPAA Complaint
  • HL7 Ready via mWare
  • Full record audit history

What about data transfer?

Genial Genetics has had extensive experience with implementations with complex data transfer requirements. iGene has been designed to minimise the data transfer effort by including a data import module. This module allows users to import their own source data as CSV files and provide detailed feedback on orphaned records or data anomalies that can be rectified by editing CSV files directly in a spreadsheet application.

For users upgrading from the Genial Shire system, we have developed a Shire export application that outputs iGene ‘friendly’ CSV files ready for import. This facilitates the ability to do a large element of the data transfer easily on site with local testing at a much reduced cost. The exporter also supports custom record mapping to be configured to help re-map data into the iGene application.

Hardware Requirements

Server Minimum Specification

  • Windows 2003 Server (with service pack)
  • Multiple Hard drives with dedicated 10GB partition in RAID 5 configuration
  • Pentium 4 CPU (2.5 GHz) or later
  • 100GB hard drive space available
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Gigabit Network card
  • Backup device, or integral tape backup device

Client Minimum Specification

  • Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox 2.x+, Apple Safari 3.x+, Google Chrome 1.x+ JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • Adobe Reader 7+
  • Memory: 512Mb RAM
  • CPU: Pentium 4 or later)
  • O/S: Windows XP (Or Newer), OS X Tiger or later
  • Network: TCP/IP and client web access
  • Monitor: 1024 x 768 pixel resolution (Preferred 1280×1024)
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